Live the experience of being in nature!

Environmental volunteers and social protection

Feel happy and proud to collaborate with the environment and small communities

Workshops for the conservation of sea turtles

Do you know: How turtles make their nest?How many species of turtles are around the world? – How to recognize  tracks? – How are their nests? – Which are their natural habits?

Workshops for the protection of the environment

Learn by working in areas such as:
– Waste management
– Climate change
– Reforestation and coastal line forest recovery 

Residual management

Have you ever wondered where all the trash goes? Learn how to manage your trash! 

Free time activities

Add value to your free time. Do some of these extra activities and you will be helping  locals, the community and our organization:
– Surfing lessons
– Biking
– Kayak
– Rafting
– Snorkeling
– Horse riding

Leadership, workshops and teamwork

Our outdoor camps will allow you to learn and develop your positive leader attitudes.

Learn with us leadership techniques focused on achieving a better world and helping to recover the planet.